Where Does The Vaccination Debate Leave Paleo Followers?

If you thought religion and politics were the most taboo topics at the dinner table, there is now definitely a third hot button topic to add to the list. The vaccine debate has become such a contentious issue that even many leading functional doctors and researchers with expertise on the subject prefer not to speak out. Regardless of what they may say, someone will likely be offended. And, knowing the answers are not black and white, there doesn’t seem to be enough room in print to truly delve deep into the topic.

Recently, pro-vaccination groups have become so frustrated with the layperson dispensing medical advice that their new mantra seems to be “just do it.” Yet anti-vaccine voices continue to fear the conflict of interest between pharmaceutical companies and doctors, and highlight a list of potential risks of vaccinating, which they believe can compromise long-term immune function and health.

How can the average person wade through these murky waters (that sometimes feel shark-infested!) and get sound advice for their children without offending their doctor or peers, but also avoiding being swept away by all the pseudo-science online?

Click here for my take on both sides of the debate.