4 tips to avoid a “turkey hangover” this holiday season!

The holiday season is here, which for many of us means a gluttonous weekend of eating, eating and more eating.  I often hear clients complain of a “turkey hangover” after the big holiday meal, where fatigue and digestive discomfort set in after the feast.

How can you avoid that slow, tired, and bloated feeling after your big meal?

Try these simple tips to help improve digestion and avoid the dreaded turkey hangover:

1)     Digestive Support

If you struggle with digestive discomfort, regular gas or bloating, or don’t cope well with rich meals, than try adding a digestive enzyme supplement at the start of the meal. Digestive enzymes provide you with added support in breaking down all the proteins, carbs, and fats you are consuming. Also, if you struggle with gluten or dairy products, a digestive enzyme will give you the extra support you need to process your food efficiently and avoid the intense fatigue that can set in post-meal.

2)     No Beer

Beer is not the best bet to consume around mealtime over the holidays. It can significantly contribute to gas and bloating, exacerbate digestive discomfort, and make you feel like you need to loosen your belt half way through the meal.  Try wine (rather than beer) during your meals, or a digestif at the end of the meal (i.e., scotch, brandy, cognac) to naturally stimulate gastric acid production and promote superior breakdown of foods. (The French have been doing it for centuries!)

3)     Take A ‘Time Out’ Between Dinner & Desserts

If you get the chance to control the tempo of mealtime, I would highly suggest a small break after dinner, before the desserts are served. Most of us want to sample all the trimmings at the table, which means eating more than you normally would during dinner. There is nothing worse than having to force down a nice dessert when really you don’t have the room for it.

Try serving up some mint tea to help soothe digestion and allow some time to digest between courses. If you are a coffee lover, a break for espresso is a great way to naturally stimulate digestion, while at the same time providing the needed pause to let things settle before dessert.

4)     Movement

It’s normal this time of year to eat more than usual over the weekend, and move a little less while visiting family and friends. To help support better energy and digestion, try adding a morning walk over the holiday season to help get some blood flowing, kick-start digestion and keep you regular, as well as just being a nice activity to do with family and friends (no matter how old or young!). Even better, go for a nice walk after your big meal and you’ll feel much better at the end of the day.

There you have it… four easy tips to make your mealtime more enjoyable. Have a happy and comfortable holiday season!