Gluten-Free Alcohol Options

It’s World Cup time and it seems everyone is on a patio watching futbol (or soccer as we North Americans like to call it). With all of this social interaction going on the most common question I get from clients on gluten-free, Paleo diets is… ‘what can I drink if I can’t have a beer?!’ The truth is you have many options… but a great summertime gluten-free, Paleo friendly choice for patio season is cider.

Let’s be clear… I’m not recommending you drink alcohol! However, if you aren’t living a T-total life then cider is a nice option. While it’s typically a higher sugar alcoholic choice, it does provide you with a nice antioxidant boost, as well as vitamin C, to give you a little bit of goodness as you enjoy watching the world’s best soccer players perform spectacular plays (and theatrical dives!).

Living in England a few years ago I was introduced to good quality cider by friends Ben and Steph, who started an artisan cider company in Monmouthshire, Wales, making cider from 100% apple juice (‘Apple Country Cider’). More recently. I discovered here in Toronto the Brickworks Ciderhouse, a local brewhouse that not only offers a great tasting cider – not too sweet – but also donates 5% of their profits to the Evergreen movement that supports planting trees in urban environments.

Enjoy the World Cup, enjoy a gluten-free treat, and save a few trees… sounds like a good summer to me!

Have a great weekend, until next time…

Dr. Marc Bubbs ND