New Statins Risk Exposed

A study published last month in Diabetologia found a connected risk between statin drugs and the possible development of diabetes. Statin drugs are prescription drugs that lower cholesterol levels in adults. There is currently a problem of doctors over-prescribing them, despite the increasing amounts of research available that shows high cholesterol levels are not a reliable indicator of poor cardiovascular health.

The study found that people taking statin drugs suffer a 46% increased risk of developing diabetes. This shows that the drugs are putting people at higher risks of expanding waistlines, increased visceral body-fat around internal organs, and generally worsening health.

More recently, Dr. Kailash Chand, deputy chairman of the British Medical Association, called for the end of the widespread use of this drug. His research team, which investigated over 16,000 patients over a 20 year timespan, found that patients taking prescribed statin drugs were twice as likely to develop Parkinson’s as those who were not taking the statins. He claimed that the growing list of side-effects far outweighs the benefits for low-risk populations.