Cauliflower & Bacon Hash

This fantastic recipe by Paleo Leap is a great way to get your morning protein (with 3-4 eggs) and nutrient dense cruciferous veggies in just one meal. This should be a classic breakfast staple that provides high protein, veggies, and healthy fats... dig in and enjoy!

The juicy sizzle of bacon hitting a hot pan and the rich aroma of onions frying in the bacon fat is guaranteed to wake up even the most grouchy of early risers, whether it’s the prelude to a day out in the weather or just another commute to the office. If you’re not keen on potatoes, though, finding the ingredients for a satisfying hash can be something of a challenge: bacon and onions are all very well, but a real breakfast needs a little more oomph too it.

Enter cauliflower: it browns up perfectly in the pan, soaks up the flavor of the bacon and spices, and provides the body and texture that you expect from a real hash, not to mention a healthy dose of added nutrition (especially Vitamins C and K). Don’t skip the spices, either: paprika adds a smoky, savory undertone, and the lemon juice brightens everything up so all the bacon fat doesn’t make it too heavy. For a complete breakfast, fry up some eggs on the side and serve them atop a big bed of hash: yum!

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