The Paleo Diet – Just A Fad or The Evolution of Eating?

The Paleo diet seems to be in every magazine, newspaper, and blog article these days claiming that eating like a caveman is the quickest path to weight loss and better health.

Is this just the latest in a long list of nutrition trends that come as quickly as they go, or is there some sound dietary advice in this approach?

The basis of the Paleo diet is to eat more in tune with our genetics and how we’ve evolved – grass-fed and wild meats, roots and tubers, veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds, and limited to no processed sugars and foods to mitigate the epidemic rates of chronic disease, obesity, and poor health.

Sounds like a great idea, but does it actually work?

The latest research has become increasingly clear that, if you have a few pounds to lose or are out of shape, a low-carb Paleo approach is extremely successful at not only supporting weight loss, but improving blood pressure, blood sugars, and cardiovascular risk factors.

Many of the dietary myths that still permeate in doctors’ offices and at water coolers – high cholesterol is bad for you, saturated fats cause heart disease, meat is not a healthy choice – have been flipped upside down by the latest science. The evolutionary, ancestral or Paleo approach to eating has simply come along at just the right time to dovetail on all these amazing findings.

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Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, CSCS