In today's fast paced world it's not always possible to slow down, but with Dr. Bubbs' detailed program you can consistently perform at your best. The Paleo Project merges what we were designed to eat with the latest scientific discoveries. See what others are saying...

This book is an absolute MUST READ for serious athletes, strength coaches and trainers!
— Clance Laylor, Elite Strength Coach to Professional Athletes
Dr. Bubbs’ work is a thorough navigational guide to the elegant complexity of personal health. I will keep the book handy as a good reference text!
— Deborah Gordon MD, Integrative Health Expert
Dr. Bubbs is on the cutting edge of athletic performance and recovery with The Paleo Project.
— Chris Broadhurst, Former NHL Head Athletic Therapist
Dr. Bubbs has written a fantastic guide to upgrading your nutrition, hacking your health, and achieving your performance potential!
— Sam Gibbs, Head Athletic Therapist, Canadian Men's Olympic Basketball Program
An expert Naturopathic Doctor and Strength Coach, Dr. Bubbs fuses the most important aspects of nutrition, fitness and functional medicine. Dr. Bubbs makes it easy to understand your health, look good and feel great!
— Erin Wiley ND, Founder of the Integrative Health Institute
The Paleo Project delivers a knock-out punch! Great job doc!
— Albert Chang, Professional MMA fighter

The Paleo Project is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most major online book retailers. The eBook edition is available for download for Kindle, iTunes, Google Play, Kobo, and Nook. Click here to learn more through The Paleo Project book website.