EPISODE 48 - Concussions, Brain Health and Ketogenic Diets w/ Dr. Paul Hrkal ND

In episode 48, Dr. Bubbs dives into the topic concussions with expert Dr. Paul Hrkal ND, who discusses the pathophysiological root causes, if clinical recovery and cessation of symptoms means you’re ready to play, biomarkers for diagnosis, specific dietary interventions, as well as supplements to support brain health and concussion recovery and more. Lots of great insights and actionable tips here from Dr. Hrkal!

Lay-Ups In This Episode

  1. A mild traumatic brain injury is classified as a concussion.
  2. The root cause of concussions can be due to soft tissue injury, metabolic or blood flow restriction, persistent inflammation, bio-psychosocial factors, etc.
  3. A ketogenic diet may be beneficial for recovery from concussion.

Performance Tips From This Episode

  1. Supplements to consider for concussion support include fish oils, curcumin and creatine (and possibly exogenous ketones).
  2. Caloric restriction can help calm low-grade inflammation and microglial hyper-activation.
  3. Clinical recovery (no symptoms) does NOT mean full physiologic recovery. 

About Dr. Paul Hrkal ND

A board-certified Naturopathic Doctor with a passion to apply innovative and evidence-based nutritional, biological and supplemental interventions to address underlying metabolic, endocrine and immunological dysfunctions, Dr. Paul Hrkal is a strong advocate of integrative medical education and lectures extensively on the topic of integrative and natural approaches to concussions and brain injuries. He is a member of the scientific advisory board of Complete Concussion Management, and an international leader in research based concussion management education and certification. He currently is the medical director for Advanced Orthomolecular Research, and maintains a clinical practice in Toronto. Find out more at www.integrativeconcussions.com