EPISODE 51 - Pilot Coffee, Brewing Methods & The Perfect Roast w/ Brett Johnston

In Episode 51, Dr. Bubbs chats with Pilot Coffee Roasters' Brett Johnston to talk all things coffee: brewing methods, traditional Italian coffee culture single espresso vs. modern coffee cultures doubles, how geographic location and altitude impact the beans, the importance of processing methods in coffee flavours, new technology in decaf and cold brew, and so much more. If you love coffee, you’ll love this episode!

"Lay-Ups" In This Episode

  1. Three main brewing methods: espresso-style, pour-over and cold brew.
  2. Single espresso – traditional Italian coffee culture
  3. Modern coffee culture – the double pour emphasizes more flavour before running into bitterness

Performance Tips From This Episode

  1. The origin and the processing method are the most impactful on extracting coffee flavour.
  2. If companies heavily roast their beans, they’re likely a subpar quality bean that yields a uniform taste.
  3. Cascara – the dehydrated coffee fruit can be used to make a delicious tea.

“Expert” Coffee Talk

Espresso pour with equal shot of warm water.

About Brett Johnston of Pilot Coffee

Head of Innovation for Pilot Coffee Roasters, Toronto’s award-winning coffee company whose mission is to roast great coffee and work with great people and whose mantra is “the perfect roast is only possible if it begins with the perfect green bean”.