EPISODE 5 - Sprinting: ALTIS Insights For High Performance Athletes w/ Dr. Jas & Jason Hettler

In this episode Dr. Bubbs is joined by two members of the world-class ALTIS Performance Group, Dr. Jas Randhawa, Lead Performance Therapist, and Jason Hettler, Lead Strength & Power Coach. They outline "The Performance Trinity" that makes the ALTIS integrative therapy model so successful. Daily routines of high performance sprinters, how sprint training applies to other sports, and the amount of sleep athletes really need are all covered. Jas and Jason also discuss how average weight loss clients can benefit from sprint-type training. These guys are world-class coaches, so make sure to take notes and check out my take aways and performance hacks below. 

"Lay Ups" in This Episode (easy, simple, actionable takeaways)

1) The warm-up is a crucial time to determine how your body is feeling that day. Repeat the same set of warm-ups every session so you can compare how your body is feeling relative to the last session. Don't skip it!

2) Sleep is vital for performance, for all athletes and clients. Prioritize a total "sleep time" for the week (including naps) and stick with it.

3) Focus on improving your mobility and flexibility to make greater gains in the gym or on the track. Check out the ALTIS Dribble Series in the video below: dribble over ankle + dribble over calf + dribble over knee.

Sprint "Performance Hacks" from This Episode

1) Use warm-ups as on opportunity to establish athlete norms, this will allow you to uncover discrepancies and imbalances in your athletes before they train.

2) Athletes should aim for 70 hours of sleep per week to maximize performance.

3) "Technique trumps all!" Elite athletes should focus on technique to improve sprints.

Coffee Talk

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ALTIS is an elite athlete training environment and host of world renowned coach education courses. It exists to provide a professional environment and approach to Track and Field and is home to to some of the world's best athletes such as Aries Merritt, Andre De Grasse, Greg Rutherford, Christabel Nettey, and Vikas Gowda. Find out more at www.altis.world and connect with the performance team via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

About Dr. Jas Randhawa

Dr. Jas Randhawa currently serves as the Lead Performance Therapist for ALTIS. He is the co founder of Rehab 2 Performance and previously a physical preparation coach for the Canadians Men's National Basketball Team. Dr. Randhawa has lectured across the nation and his work has been featured in many fitness and clinical articles including Movement Lectures. Join the conversation with him on Twitter @jrsportperform.

About Jason Hettler

Jason Hettler is the Lead Strength & Power Coach at ALTIS. He holds his BSc. Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University and plans to complete his candidacy for a Masters of Science degree, with a focus on Sports Science, through Edith Cowan University. His previous experience includes work within the Olympic Strength & Conditioning department at Western Michigan University as well as consulting with various professional organizations. Join the conversation with Jason via Twitter (@jhettler24) or his website www.hettlerperformance.com.

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