EPISODE 7 - Protein: Hypertrophy, High Performance & Weight Loss Effects w/ Dr. Churchward-Venne

In this episode, Dr. Bubbs sits down with expert protein researcher Dr. Tyler Churchward-Venne to do a "deep dive" into protein: the minimal effective dose, protein type and quality, impacts on hypertrophy training vs. endurance, varying needs of young versus older athletes, food versus supplements, if there is indeed an "anabolic window" post-training and so much more. Tyler highlights some simple, easy and actionable take aways for athletes and weight loss clients alike and also dispels common myths around protein consumption.

Protein "Lay-Ups" in This Episode (easy, simple, actionable takeaways)

1) Aim for at least 20g of protein per meal (5-6 meals per day).

2) Prioritize supplements before or after exercise (not during).

3) Aim for 3g dose of leucine with protein supplements.

Protein "Performance Hacks" from This Episode

1) Achieve 2.3g per kilogram bodyweight during periods of high stress, intense training or caloric deficit to prevent loss of lean muscle.

2) To upgrade the performance of veggie proteins, double the dose and aim for 40g to achieve a similar effect to the gold-standard whey.

3) Protein is crucial for supporting immune function and tissue repair. Injured or sick athletes should achieve at least 2.4g/kg per day to accelerate recovery.

Coffee Talk

Tyler's "Respect The Bean" Ritual - A large black French press, following 10 minutes of mindfulness and morning meditation.

About Dr. Tyler Venne

Dr. Tyler Churchward-Venne PhD is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in nutrition and exercise metabolism at Maastricht University and earned his doctorate at the prestigious McMaster University..

Connect with Tyler on Twitter @churchwardvenne

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