EPISODE 16 - The Real Truth About Cholesterol & Why We Fear Fat w/ Bestselling Author Nina Teicholz

In this episode, Dr. Bubbs talks with New York Times Bestselling Author Nina Teicholz about her ground-breaking book The Big Fat Surprise, which rocked the nutrition and medical community in 2014 by unmasking the truth about cholesterol and saturated fats. Since the 1950s, the standard medical advice has been to consume a low-fat diet to ward of heart disease, however Nina's thorough review of the research, raw data, and scientist interviews highlights how this accepted "truth" is built on weak evidence and lack of scientific process. This is an unmissable episode - take a listen to find out more about her shocking findings!

Myth-Busting "Lay-Ups" From This Episode

1)  Diet/Heart Hypothesis in 1950s proposed the idea that cholesterol causes heart attacks. This sets the tone for next 60 years of dietary recommendation, despite a lack of evidence.

2) Since the institution of low-fat diets as standard government recommendations since the 1960s obesity, diabetes and heart disease have sky-rocketed (yet the dietary recommendations remain largely unchanged).

3) Total cholesterol is not a reliable biomarker for CVD risk.

"Performance Hacks" In This Episode

1) Saturated fats increase “good” HDL cholesterol and “good” big, fluffy LDL cholesterol

2) There is no rigorous data showing adverse health outcomes in high total fat diets and saturated fat intake. 

Coffee Talk

Nina's Americano & Intermittent Fasting Morning

About Nina Teicholz

Nina Teicholz is a New York Times bestselling investigative science journalist who has played a pivotal role in challenging the conventional wisdom on dietary fat. Her groundbreaking work, The Big Fat Surprise, which The Economist named as the #1 science book of 2014, has led to a profound rethinking on whether we have been wrong to think that fat, including saturated fat, causes disease. In opeds, interviews, and articles, Teicholz continues to explore the political, institutional, and industry forces that prevent better thinking on issues related to nutrition and science; published in the New York Times, the New Yorker, the British Medical Journal, Gourmet, the Los Angeles Times and many other outlets. 

Other Show Notes

To sign the petition to support change to Canada's dietary guidelines go to http://www.changethefoodguide.ca

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