EPISODE 28 - Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods w/ Dr. Cate Shanahan

In this episode, Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Cate Shanahan MD, functional medicine expert and sport nutrition consultant for the LA Lakers, to discuss how crucial your diet and food choices are to your DNA and health, how traditional diets provide insights into the optimal human diet, the alarmingly detrimental effects of polyuynsaturated vegetable oils on performance and health, and how you can start to upgrade your nutrition by following the common themes of traditional diets across the globe. Dr. Cate provides a great number of simple, actionable and insightful tips and shares her story along the way.

Deep Nutrition "Lay-Ups" 

All Traditional Diets included:

  1. Meat cooked on the bone (increases nutrient density)
  2. Organ meats
  3. Fermented and sprouted food
  4. Fresh (benefits of raw)

Deep Nutrition "Performance Hacks"

1)    Glycosaminoglycans are long unbranched polysaccharides found in bone broth that support healthy joint function. 

2)    Organ meats each concentrate a different profile of nutrients depending on the specific organ (e.g. the heart is rich in CoQ10).

3)   The amino acid cysteine is essential for glutathione production and thus the body’s crucial antioxidant defense system.

Coffee Talk

Cate's morning cold brew.

About Dr. Cate Shanahan

Cate Shanahan MD is on a mission to help every athlete and person who wants better health to reach their full potential. She specializes in diagnosing metabolic imbalances that cause fatigue, impair performance and promote injuries. Her new book - Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foodmakes the case that our body’s nutritional needs are not as complex as we are often led to believe; there is one diet that’s good for everything—from improving strength and performance to reversing heart disease and diabetes—and good for everyone of every age. Dr Cate is among the most trusted voices in sports nutrition science and has worked as science consultant for the LA Lakers PRO Nutrition (Performance Recovery Orthogenesis) program since 2012.