EPISODE 32 - Dr. Bubbs "Rewind": Thoughts, Reflections & Q/A From Episodes 18-31 w/ Dr. Marc Bubbs

In this week's "Rewind" episode, Dr. Bubbs reflects on episodes #18-31 of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast. He answers questions from listeners and shares his insights on the evidence-based tips and tactics discussed by his most recent guests. He'll review the advice and opinions of expert doctors, PhDs, trainers and nutritionists - exploring common ground, conflicting viewpoints and sharing his thoughts on a variety of topics. Don't miss this 2nd instalment of REWIND!

Topics Dr. Bubbs Covers in This "Rewind" Episode: 

  • The Coconut Oil +Saturated Fat Fear Mongering 

  • Fat Bombs – Potential Pitfalls 

  • The “Best” Mobility/Stability Pre-Exercise Move 

  • Nutrigenomics – Coffee Metabolism + “Warrior vs. Worrier” Gene 

  • Low-Carb Diets, Endurance Training & Visceral Fat 

  • Salt & Training 

  • Hypertrophy – How Many Extra Calories Per Day? 

  • Thyroid – Hypothyroidism vs. Thyroid Dysfunction 

  • Traits of Elite Leaders 

Coffee Talk

Dr. Bubbs' Morning Bone Broth + Americano  -  I start my day with a warm cup of bone broth with added collagen...then it's a black medium Americano to get going!