S2 EPISODE 40 - Breakfast vs Fasting, Weight Loss & Personalized Nutrition w/ Dr. Javier Gonzalez PhD

Season 2 Episode 40, Dr. Bubbs interviews expert Dr. Javier Gonzalez PhD to talk all things breakfast. Is it really the most important meal of the day? Does eating breakfast improve ability to lose weight and how does that compare to fasting? How does exercise in a fasted-state, or after breakfast, impact this whole story? Javier will share his research in this area. He’ll also discuss how eating breakfast impacts your energy balance the rest of the day, compare the effects of fructose versus glucose metabolism on weight gain, and discuss the state of the research on intermittent fasting. Javier will also dive into the topic of personalized nutrition as it relates to weight loss: does everyone really need a personalized approach or do the fundamentals hold true for the majority of the population? Finally, Javier reveals his breakfast routine and what does the future hold for this type of research. 

Summary of Episode

1:00 – Javier’s background

2:30 – Breakfast and obesity

4:30 – Energy balance review

10:45 – The Second Meal Effect

12:45 – How high insulin impacts fat oxidation

15:20 – Does fasting or IF lead to fewer calories in the day?

17:45 – The importance of adherence and how breakfast impacts…

19:25 - Fasting vs. pre-exercise breakfast

22:50 – Dietary fructose and weight gain

29:20 – Triglycerides, the brain and leptin signals

33:20 – Personalized nutrition – Is it really necessary?

36:10 – Responders vs. non-responders

41:10 – Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? 

Research Papers 

Breakfast for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity

Pre-Exercise Breakfast Ingestion versus Extended Overnight Fasting Increases Postprandial Glucose Flux after Exercise in Healthy Men

Molecular adaptations of adipose tissue to 6 weeks of morning fasting vs daily breakfast consumption in lean and obese adults

Dietary carbohydrates, components of energy balance, and associated health outcomes

About Dr. Javier Gonzalez

Senior Lecturer in human physiology at the University of Bath, Javier has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in renowned scientific journals, such as journals such as Diabetes CareObesity ReviewsAmerican Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In recognition of this work, he received the Julie Wallace Award 2018 by the Nutrition Society. Javier has PhD in Human Nutrition & Metabolism and his research seeks to understand the interactions between nutrition and exercise in the context of health and disease. One strand of this work is to explore the role of carbohydrate availability in the regulation of energy balance, metabolic health and sports performance. A second strand aims to uncover new dietary approaches to influence the production of hormones from the gut, and thereby regulate appetite and energy expenditure.