S2 EPISODE 50 - Rewind Episode: Season Two Highlights

In Season 2 Episode 50, Dr. Bubbs reflects on the second season of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast with clips of 18 expert guests sharing their incredible insights on a variety of hot topics from popular episodes this past year: athlete health, fuelling training, recovery, and the brain. Thank you to all the amazing expert guests who came on the show this year to share their knowledge on training, nutrition, functional medicine, recovery, brain health and mindset! And thank you to our listeners....stay tuned for season 3 coming up in 2019!

Summary of Episode

00:18 Section 1 -  Athlete Health

02:04 Dr. Fergus Connolly – the human first concept in performance

09:32 Dr. Cheri Mah – sleep strategies for performance and recovery

15:55 Miguel Mateas – the gut-brain connection

24:25 Dr. Nicola Guess – the insulin spike myth & the first phase insulin effect 

29:37 Section 2 – Fuelling Training

30:14 Dr. Javier Gonzales – breakfast, weight loss and the 2nd meal effect

39:45 Jen Sygo – implications for low energy availability in endurance athletes and sprinters

48:10 Dr. Trent Stellingwerf – body composition periodization and implications for performance

57:37 Prof. Stuart Phillips – supplements for athlete performance

1:06:43 Section 3 - Recovery

1:07:26 Greg Nuckols – reality and myths of training periodization

1:16:56 Mike Robertson – movement dysfunction in athletes, sound conditioning programs

1:24:30 Dr. Chris Bellon – sprinting drills

1:32:20 Shawn Arent – biomarker testing for assessing athlete recovery

1:38:08 Section 4 - Mindset

1:38:45 Jorge Carvajal – philosophy for training athletes

1:42:50 Amit Katwala – neuroscience of an athlete’s brain when performing under pressure

1:46:25 Dr. Peter Jensen – pitfalls of perfectionism and power of reframing