S3 EPISODE 3 - Leadership, Building Culture & Learning from Failure w/ Coach Roy Rana

Season 3, Episode 3, Dr. Bubbs sits down with renowned basketball coach Roy Rana, the first coach to guide Canada Basketball to a gold medal at the U19 basketball World Championship in Egypt in 2017. In this episode, coach Roy talks about performing under intense pressure, the major lessons he’s learned through failure, he defines what he believes “culture” truly is and what goes into building a successful culture. He also talks about building team chemistry in a short time frame, how sport science has impacted his coaching, the mentors who’ve influenced him throughout his career and why he does what he does. Tremendous insights here from one of the best.

Summary of This Episode

6:30 – Performing under pressure

10:15 – Maintaining intensity and focus following big wins

13:15 – Coach Roy’s lessons learned through failure

16:30 – What is culture? What goes into building a successful culture?

20:40 – Communicating with today’s young athletes

22:30 – Team building in a short time frame

24:00 – Load management and sport science guiding practice

26:45 – Learning from mentors inside basketball - Tom Izzo, Greg Popovich, Quinn Snyder, Dwayne Casey, etc. – and outside basketball with George Raveling

28:30 – Why do you do what you do?

30:30 – Next greatest gains in terms of performance

Links to Roy Rana Videos

Coach Roy talks basketball fundamentals

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Coach Roy’s work in India with Dribble Academy

About Coach Roy Rana

Roy Rana is the first coach to guide Canada Basketball to a gold medal at a basketball World Championship, with Canada Basketball’s U19 squad winning the title at the 2017 FIBA U19 World Cup in Egypt.  Roy has also been serving as the head coach of our Canadian men's national basketball team for the  2019 FIBA World Cup qualifiers, successfully accomplishing that feat with an impressive win over Brazil in Dec 2018 to qualify for 2019 basketball world cup in China. Roy is currently the head coach of Ryerson University men's basketball team in Toronto - a perennial powerhouse in Canadian University Basketball – and head coach of the World Select Team at the Nike Hoop Summit since 2011. Follow Roy on Twitter @RoyRana.

S3 EPISODE 2 - Bodybuilder Nutrition, Re-Feed Strategies & Muscle Dysmorphia w/ Dr. Lachlan Mitchell PhD

Season 3, Episode 2, Dr. Bubbs sits down with Dr. Lachlan Mitchell PhD from Australia to discuss whether competitive bodybuilders are using evidence-based nutrition strategies to manipulate their physiques. In this episode, Lachlan will discuss his research in male bodybuilders, if its possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, carbohydrate intake differences amongst America, Canada and Australian bodybuilders, how getting leaner impacts resting metabolic rate (RMR), “peak week” weight cutting strategies and how they impact hormonal balance in the body. He also shares insights on the growing issue of muscle dysmorphia, red flags to watch out for and then rounds things out with his thoughts on the evolution of bodybuilding research. 

Summary of Episode

3:30 – Lachlan’s research study in male bodybuilders

8:00 – How long should a prep phase be?

14:30 – Is it possible to build lean muscle and get leaner at the same time?

18:00 – Carbohydrate intake differences the UK, USA and Australia

22:00 – The use of “re-feed” strategies

25:00 – Aerobic training volume, personal preference, and “peak week”

29:45 – The impact of getting leaner on resting metabolic rate (RMR) 

34:00 – How are hormone level impacted during cutting-phase?

38:00 – Impact of hunger hormones during weight-cutting

40:15 – “Peak Week” weight-cutting strategies; water-loading, diuretics, etc.

43:30 – Muscle dysmorphia – definition, population trends and red flags

53:45 – Evolution of body building strength gains 

Research Papers

Dietary Intake of Competitive Bodybuilders

Do Bodybuilders Use Evidence-Based Nutrition Strategies to Manipulate Physique?  

About Dr. Lachlan Mitchell PhD

Dr. Lachlan Mitchell PhD is a dietitian and exercise scientist in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at The University of Sydney. His research focuses on the physiological impact of body composition change through manipulation of nutrition and exercise variables. Follow Lachlan on Twitter @lachmitch5195 

S3 EPISODE 1 - Vitamin D, Immunity and Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage w/ Dr. Daniel Owens PhD

Season 3 Episode 1, Dr. Bubbs kicks off the year talking vitamin D, performance and which supplements can impact exercise-induced muscle damage with expert Dr. Daniel Owens PhD. In this episode, Daniel reviews the history of vitamin D research, how vitamin D may impact athletic performance, variations in vitamin D status amongst athletes and different ethnicities, as well as suggestions for testing and supplementation. Dan also discusses his work on exercise-induced muscular damage, reviewing the physiology of recovery and how certain functional foods can impact various stages of the recovery process.

Summary Of Episode

1:30 – Brief history of vitamin D

8:45 – How may vitamin D impact athletic performance

15:45 – Vitamin D variation between athletes

19:50 – Ethnicity and vitamin D status

24:15 – Mega-dosing with vitamin D supplements

30:30 – Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) and biomarkers

32:00 – Cherry juice, polyphenols and EIMD

35:45 – Omega-3 fats and EMID

44:00 – Evolution of research on vitamin D and athletic performance

Research Papers

Efficacy of High Dose Vitamin D Supplements for Elite Athletes

Exercise-induced muscle damage: what is it, what causes it and what are the nutritional solutions? 

About Dr. Daniel Owens PhD

Dr. Dan Pardi PhD is a lecturer in cellular and molecular sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University, a sport nutrition consultant to the Warrington Wolves professional rugby league club, and former performance nutritionist for England Rugby Football Union (the RFA). Follow Dan on Twitter  @Dan_Owie.