S3 EPISODE 1 - Vitamin D, Immunity and Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage w/ Dr. Daniel Owens PhD

Season 3 Episode 1, Dr. Bubbs kicks off the year talking vitamin D, performance and which supplements can impact exercise-induced muscle damage with expert Dr. Daniel Owens PhD. In this episode, Daniel reviews the history of vitamin D research, how vitamin D may impact athletic performance, variations in vitamin D status amongst athletes and different ethnicities, as well as suggestions for testing and supplementation. Dan also discusses his work on exercise-induced muscular damage, reviewing the physiology of recovery and how certain functional foods can impact various stages of the recovery process.

Summary Of Episode

1:30 – Brief history of vitamin D

8:45 – How may vitamin D impact athletic performance

15:45 – Vitamin D variation between athletes

19:50 – Ethnicity and vitamin D status

24:15 – Mega-dosing with vitamin D supplements

30:30 – Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) and biomarkers

32:00 – Cherry juice, polyphenols and EIMD

35:45 – Omega-3 fats and EMID

44:00 – Evolution of research on vitamin D and athletic performance

Research Papers

Efficacy of High Dose Vitamin D Supplements for Elite Athletes

Exercise-induced muscle damage: what is it, what causes it and what are the nutritional solutions? 

About Dr. Daniel Owens PhD

Dr. Dan Pardi PhD is a lecturer in cellular and molecular sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University, a sport nutrition consultant to the Warrington Wolves professional rugby league club, and former performance nutritionist for England Rugby Football Union (the RFA). Follow Dan on Twitter  @Dan_Owie.