S3 EPISODE 10 - Priority Management, Personal Mastery & Moving Away from Distraction w/ Dr. Greg Wells PhD

Season 3, Episode 10, Dr. Bubbs interviews expert Dr. Greg Wells PhD, renowned sport scientist, author, broadcaster and speaker. In this episode, Dr. Wells talks about the biggest lessons learned – through success or failure – during his time in elite sport, the importance of fundamentals and consistency in achieving excellence. He gives pointers on how to go from distraction to focus, the difference between time management and priority management, the pitfalls of “busy-ness” in the workplace, the path to personal mastery, and much more. Don’t miss this episode!

Summary of This Episode

6:30 – Lessons learned as the director of sport science

10:00 – Importance of fundamentals in high performance

16:30 -  Moving from distraction to focus

20:15 – Personal Mastery - Morning

26:30 – Priority management not time management

29:30 - Personal Mastery – Evening

34:00 – ‘Superbodies’ Segments at Olympics

40:30 – Where will the next greatest gains in athlete performance come from?

Link to Greg’s Book

The Focus Effect

About Dr. Greg Wells PhD

Dr. Greg Wells PhD is a scientist, human performance expert and the bestselling author of Superbodies, The Ripple Effect, and his most recent book, The Focus Effect. Greg’s work highlights how the best in the world maximize their energy, grow their performance daily and elevate their longevity. Learn more at DrGregWells.com.