S3 EPISODE 13 - Eating Disorders, Self-Worth & Conquering Binge-Eating w/ Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD

Season 3, Episode 13 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Glenn Livingston, expert psychologist discusses his previous struggles with binge-eating, how the brain impacts food cravings, how self-worth plays a pivotal role in disordered eating, and potential pitfalls of being overly restrictive. Glenn also discusses why he prefers rules over guidelines, the influences of social media, and strategies for overcoming binge-eating.

Summary of This Episode

4:30 – Glenn’s previous struggles with food

13:00 – How the brain impacts food cravings

17:00 – “I am not my pig…”

20:00 -  Taking back control from your brain

33:30 – Self-worth and conquering bingeing

36:00 – Potential pitfalls of being overly restrictive

40:00 – Rules vs. guidelines

43:30 – The influence of social media on food behaviour

Link to Glenn’s Book

Never Binge Again

About Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD

Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD is a veteran clinical psychologist and was the long time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food obsessed individuals, Dr. Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating via work with his own patients AND a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants. Most important, was his own personal journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food.