S3 EPISODE 16 - Performance Nutrition, Pro Boxing & Building Trust w/ Dr. Scott Robinson PhD & Scott Quigg

Season 3, Episode 16 Dr. Bubbs launches the first episode of Athlete Evolution series of video interviews with elite performance practitioners and athletes. (Watch the full video on YouTube at Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast!). In this audio podcast episode, Dr. Scott Robinson discusses pre-camp testing in boxers, the role of carb periodization in training camp, how the nutrition strategy changes when making-weight and the dangers of old-school weight loss techniques, as well as how to fuel to perform on fight night. Professional boxer Scott Quigg will share his insights on the value of an evidence-based approach to training, the importance of trust in a coach-athlete relationship, what it’s like to get punched in the face and much more!

About Scott Quigg

A professional boxer Scott Quigg is the Former undefeated British super-bantamweight champion and WBA super-bantamweight title holder, and is currently ranked #1 in the British featherweight.

About Scott Robinson PhD

Scott is a leading Performance Nutritionist working with a range of elite and professional athletes, including Premier League football and rugby players, professional fighters (boxing, UFC, MMA), triathletes, as well as with recreational athletes.