S3 EPISODE 17 - Fat-Free Mass Index & Key Micronutrients in Pro Football Players w/ Dr. Eric Trexler PhD

Season 3, Episode 17 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Eric Trexler PhD, professional natural bodybuilder, exercise and nutrition researcher and education director at Stronger By Science. In this episode, Eric talks differences in body composition in pro football, how it changes by position and over a season. Eric also highlights a lesser known but valuable metric of fat-free mass index (FFMI) and general targets for specific positions, as well as associations to performance. He then shares his work on omega-3, vitamin-D and body composition in NFL players, the unfortunate reality of post-career health in pro football players and tips to keep ex-athletes healthy as they age.

Summary of This Episode

2:30 – Cardinal rule of training

3:45 – Is it necessary to use loads greater than 85% to increase strength?

6:45 – Russian vs. Western training prescription

8:00 – Importance of starting light for beginners and experts

9:15 – Intense loads and elite training environments – too much of a good thing?

10:00 – Wave loading and ideal progression strategies

18:25 – What is autoregulation? How it can impact training progression

21:15 – Moving sub-maximal vs. maximal weights fast – which is best?

24:20 – Importance of technical skill in coaching

About Dr. Eric Trexler PhD

Dr. Eric Trexler PhD is a strength coach, professional natural bodybuilder, and the Director of Education for Stronger By Science. As an exercise & nutrition researcher, Eric has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers on a variety of topics related to body composition and performance. Follow Eric on Twitter @EricTrexler and on Instagram @TrexlerFitness.