S3 EPISODE 4 - Training Wisdom, Periodization & The Cardinal Rule w/ Dr. Dan Cleather PhD

Season 3, Episode 4. Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Dan Cleather PhD to discuss all things strength and conditioning. In this episode, Dan outlines the most common mistakes trainers, clients and athletes make in training, the problem with conventional guidelines for training intensity, and the value of starting a program small. He’ll also share his preference for wave loading, the value of autoregulation, why it’s important to leave sessions feeling better than when you started, his MOST important “cardinal rule” of training, as well as insights from years working in the trenches. This episode is loaded with evidence-based insights and wisdom from Dr. Cleather! 

Summary of This Episode

2:30 – Cardinal rule of training

3:45 – Is it necessary to use loads greater than 85% to increase strength?

6:45 – Russian vs. Western training prescription

8:00 – Importance of starting light for beginners and experts

9:15 – Intense loads and elite training environments – too much of a good thing?

10:00 – Wave loading and ideal progression strategies

18:25 – What is autoregulation? How it can impact training progression

21:15 – Moving sub-maximal vs. maximal weights fast – which is best?

24:20 – Importance of technical skill in coaching

Link to Dan’s Book

The Little Black Book of Training Wisdom

About Dr. Dan Cleather PhD

Dr. Dan Cleather PhD is a strength coach, educator and scientist. Dan has worked with the English Institute for Sport, as well as World and Olympic champions in track and field athletics, rowing, canoeing and rugby. He is currently Programme Director of the MSc in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Follow Dan on Twitter @dr_jump_uk.