S3 EPISODE 6 - Longevity, 7 Pathways of Ageing & Increasing Healthspan w/ Dr. Rocco Monto MD

In Season 3, Episode 6 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Rocco Monto MD, award-winning orthopedic surgeon, team physician for US Soccer, and author of 'The Fountain: A Doctor's Prescription to Make 60 the New 30'. In this episode, Dr. Monto talks about the Blue Zones and the common themes in their longevity, outlines the 7 pathways of ageing, and highlights howmitochondrial  dysfunction plays a key role in ageing. He also discussescellular senescence, time-restricted feeding, and whether or not coffee has potential longevity benefits, as well as the role of supplements, meditation and sense of community and purpose in living a long, healthy life.

Summary of This Episode

5:30 – Blue zones and longevity

7:45 – 7 pathways of ageing

9:40 – Mitochondrial dysfunction and ageing

13:20 – Chronic inflammation and longevity

16:00 – Time-restricted feeding strategies

24:30 – Supplemental testosterone, medications and longevity

27:15 – Nicotinamide riboside (NR) supplements and ageing

29:30 – Exercise and longevity

34:30 – Social connectivity, meditation and the importance of mentors

43:00 – Dr. Monto’s simple tip for increasing healthspan

Link to Rocco’s Book

The Fountain

About Dr. Rocco Monto MD

Dr. Rocco Monto MD is an an award-winning orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, internationally recognized for his pioneering clinical research on regenerative medicine and innovative approach to complex medical issues. Dr. Monto is also a team physician for US Soccer, a medical consultant for a global portfolio of elite athletes, and author of the new book, The Fountain: A Doctor's Prescription to Make to Make 60 the New 30Learn more at drmonto.com.