S3 EPISODE 8 - Muscle Loss, Sarcopenia, and Implications for Healthy Ageing w/ Dr. Theo Ispoglou PhD

In Season 3, Epsiode 8 Dr. Bubbs interviews Dr. Theocharis Ispoglou PhD to discuss the importance of muscle mass in healthy ageing and how age-related sarcopenia can compromise healthspan and longevity. In this episode, Dr. Ispoglou defines sarcopenia, discusses the most common causes and how this can impact your life expectancy. He also talks about key factors that can accelerate muscle loss, common tests that can be performed to assess for age-associated muscle loss and the impacts of novel forms of protein to preserve lean muscle and much, much more!

Summary of This Episode

2:45 – Definition of sarcopenia

4:30 – Causes of sarcopenia

7:10 – Losses of lean muscle after 50

9:30 – Leucine supplementation and older adults

15:00 – How leucine demand increases as we age

19:45 – Effect of protein gel vs. protein on appetite in older adults

23:00 – Should we raise the RDA of protein in older adults?

27:30 – Old myths - dangers of egg consumption and effects of protein on kidneys

30:00 – Common tests for age-related muscle loss

36:45 – Solutions for prevention of age-related sarcopenia

Links to Research Papers

Novel essential amino acid supplements enriched with L-leucine facilitate increased protein and energy intakes in older women: a randomised controlled trial

Double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot trial of L-Leucine-enriched amino-acid mixtures on body composition and physical performance in men and women aged 65–75 years

Daily L-leucine supplementation in novice trainees during a 12-week weight training program.

About Dr. Theocharis Ispoglou PhD

Dr. Theocharis Ispoglou PhD is a Reader in Nutrition and Muscle Health at Leeds Beckett University. He has a keen interest and expertise in studying the effects of nutritional and exercise interventions as a means to optimise human performance. In particular, identifying evidence-based strategies to prevent, minimize or treat sarcopenia. Contact Dr. Ispoglou via the Leeds Beckett website or follow on Twitter @Theo_Ispoglou.