S3 EPISODE 25 - REWIND - Sprinting & Athlete Development: Insights & Applications from 6 World-Experts

In Season 3, Episode 24 Dr. Bubbs interviews expert coaches, practitioners and researchers on all things sprinting. Dr. Jas Randhawa and Jason Hettler from renowned Altis share insights on training philosophy, fundamentals and the power of observation. The ‘Sprint Coach’ Derek Hansen talks differences in stride length vs. frequency and why off-season training is crucial for injury prevention. Dr. Chris Bellon PhD shares the ‘Big 4’ tenets of acceleration, strength coach Clance Laylor explains why sprinting is so beneficial in pro hockey players, and Prof. Paul Laursen PhD talks HIIT training and the different types you can aim for in athletes and clients.

Episode Summary

-       Altis – Dr. Jas Randhawa & Jason Hettler S1E5 – 4:00

-       Derek Hansen S1E40 – 17:00

-       Chris Bellon S2E42 – 30:00

-       Clance Laylor S1E23 – 41:00

-       Prof Paul Laursen S2E37– 49:00