S3 EPISODE 9 - Sleep & Circadian Rhythm (Rewind Episode): Insights & Applications from 6 World-Experts

In Season 3, Episode 9 Dr. Bubbs REWINDS the tapes and takes a deep-dive into sleep with 6 world-leading experts who’ve appeared on the podcast. In this episode, Dr. Amy Bender PhD talks sleep recommendations, potential pitfalls of a “nappucino” and strategies to support falling asleep; Dr. Dan Pardi PhD discusses circadian rhythms and implications for weight loss and health; Dr. Cheri Mah MD talks about her work in the NBA, the benefits and limitations of the NBA nap, as well as WHEN it’s appropriate to implement the “coffee nap”; Dr. Ian Dunican PhD discusses caffeine use and implications on sleep and recovery in professional rugby players; Dr. Michele Lastella PhD dives into athlete chronotypes and how it may impact training and recovery; and Dr. Norah Simpson PhD from Stanford Medical School discusses the impacts of sleep loss on cognition. Fantastic insights from an all-star lineup of sleep experts!

Original Episodes

S1E4 – Dr. Amy Bender PhD

S1E36 – Dr. Dan Pardi PhD

S2E11 – Dr. Cheri Mah MD

S2E10 – Dr. Ian Dunican PhD

S2E28 – Dr. Michele Lastella PhD

S2E41 – Dr. Norah Simpson PhD