S3 EPISODE 23 - Ultra-Marathon Prep, Fueling Endurance & Race Day Mindset w/ Zach Bitter

In Season 3, Episode 23 Dr. Bubbs interviews Zach Bitter, American and world record holder in the ultra-marathon. In this episode, Zach shares how he first got into racing, how to build up from marathons to ultra-marathons and how far out you should start training for an ultra. Zach also discusses the importance of building an aerobic base for ultra-marathons, his recent win in the San Diego 100-mile race, and common mistakes made by recreational ultra athletes. Finally, Zach shares his fueling strategy during training and competition, common nutrition pitfalls he sees with clients and what’s next for him on the performance front.

Zach’s Bio 

Endurance athlete and coach. Driven to find his limitations in a variety of environments and help others find theirs. Loves the trials of the journey as much as the result.

  • World and American Record Holder

  • 3 x National Champion

  • 3 x Team USA World 100km 


Instagram - @zachbitter