28-Day Keto Program

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28-Day Keto Program


Following up on the phenomenal feedback to my Quick Start Keto ebook, and all the fantastic questions I've received from readers, I've decided to launch a brand new personalised 28-Day Keto Program with 1-to-1 sessions to help YOU develop a healthy and sustainable keto diet for long-term success.

Working with so many keto clients over the years, I've learned that in order toovercome plateaus and ultimately reach your goals you need a combination of three things:

1. Sound nutrition advice (specific to YOU)
2. A systematic approach with personalized tools 
3. Belief in the process 

Most clients I see who are adopting a keto approach have been following guidelines they've read or general advice from friends, trainers or other practitioners. However, with so much incomplete or conflicting info online, it can be hard to navigate (even when you're well informed). 
That’s why I set up this 1-to-1 program. In this personalized approach, we'll look at:

  • Best methods for monitoring ketones for you (and your goals)

  • Modifying your plan if performance is your #1 priority

  • Adjust meal frequency and caloric intake if weight loss is your goal 

  • Strategies to fight off the dreaded "keto flu"

  • How to tailor the program to women to prevent hormone imbalance

  • And so much more!

In the 28-Day Keto Program, you'll learn tools and strategies that make sense for YOU to lose weight healthily and achieve lasting results. You'll begin your month-long program by booking your first consult with me at a time that suits YOUR schedule.

Here is a brief over of the 28-Day Keto Program -

Day 1

  • Meet with me to carry out a detailed, personalized assessment of your goals, diet, exercise and health history. 

  • Start your personalized nutrition, exercise and lifestyle program. 

Day 7

  • Email follow-up to answer any questions and ensure you're on the right track.

Day 14

  • Your follow-up 1-1 remote Skype call to continue to build on your personalized plan and adjust as necessary. 

Day 21

  • Email follow up to answer any questions and maintain your progress.

Day 28

  • Final 1-1 visit to review your progress and lay out a plan that will sustain your healthy keto habits and ensure future success!.
    I'll work together with you for a month to implement the right plan for you and building a roadmap for long-term success! Together, we’ll develop your personal keto plan!

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