Fat Loss Intensive Program

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Fat Loss Intensive Program


In this Fat Loss Intensive Program, I'll guide you over a 4-week time frame so you can to lose weight consistently, quickly, and have a maintenance plan to keep your results throughout the summer!

This program will be 4-weeks from start to finish, here is how it's going to work;

  • Day 1 - 1st Consult - 30-minute (remote)

  • Day 8 - Weekly Check-In + Monitor (email)

  • Day 14 - 2nd Consult - 30-minute (remote)

  • Day 21 - Weekly Check-In + Monitor (email)

  • Day 28 - Final Consult + Maintenance Plan - 30-minute (remote)

In this Fat Loss Intensive program,
You will receive...

  • Detailed nutrition plan (w foods + calories provided)

  • Weekly tweaks, updates and modifications

  • Tailored exercise plan to complement your goals

  • Thorough rundown of your supplements (do you need them? are they appropriate? for how long?)

  • Health assessment to ensure no roadblocks holding you back

  • Maintenance plan

*All consults are with me, Dr. Marc Bubbs, via Skype. The initial, 2-week and 4-week consults are all 30 minutes in duration. 

** This program is only offered ONCE per year. To sign-up for the “Wait List” please contact Info@DrBubbs.com

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