Weight Loss Masterclass

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Weight Loss Masterclass


The 2019 Weight Loss Masterclass Program

In 2019, I'm opening up the Weight Loss Masterclass to new students who are eager to hit the ground running in the New Year and achieve (and sustain) weight loss success. 

I've tweaked the program this year in response to client feedback. Here's what the Weight Loss Masterclass entails:

The Essentials

  • 8-week Program- direct personal support from me throughout

  • 5 One-to-One Appointments - online via Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts with me, Dr. Marc Bubbs ND, CISSN, CSCS

  • Weekly Monitoring and Assessment 

  • Unlimited Email Support- contact me 24/7

  • PersonalisedNutrition Plan - to achieve and sustain your weight loss

  • Movement & Exercise Plan -according to your fitness level and lifestyle

  • Review of Your Supplement Plan - to address roadblocks to your weight loss goals

Just like my successful clients in 2018, you'll learn the key fundamentalsto achieve your sustainable weight loss, work closely with me to adjust and modify for your individual needs, and build a program that fits your lifestyle.

In the Weight Loss Masterclass ProgramI’ll work with you one-to-one every week to set up your nutrition plan, tweak and adjust your training regime, assess roadblocks to your progress and monitor your results.

It’s what I do with the 100s of athletes and weight loss clients I support in my practice who’ve had the best results.
Getting started is easy.

You'll receive a CALENDLY scheduler to pick a time that suits your schedule. You can choose the same time and date every month, or if your schedule is unpredictable, wait until it's most convenient for you.

Online visits are via Skype, Facetime or GoogleHangouts.

If another platform suits you best, let my team know and we'll do our best to accommodate your preference. 

Simple.   Efficient.   Personalized.

Tired of a shotgun approach to weight loss? Tired of stalled progress or always regressing back to where you started? 

If you've got the motivation, I'll help lay out the best long-term plan to get you to your goals... and stay there! 

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