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Nike "On The Run" with Dr. Bubbs

Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That Is Revolutionizing Sport. (#1 New Release on Amazon!)

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Upcoming Speaking Appearances in 2019 (More Announced Soon!)

Boswelia & Curcumin for Inflammation

Struggling with joint pain or digestive problems?  Organika® Boswellia–Curcumin Complex with piperine is a four ingredient combination that helps to relieve the joint pain and cool inflammation

Totum Sport - Total Hydration

Totum Sport is a novel hydration product that contains all 78 natural occurring minerals and trace elements for optimal cellular hydration to support athlete health, recovery and performance. Use PROMO CODE ‘BUBBS10’ and save 10% at

Enhance Collagen for Joint Support

Supplemental collagen is an evidence-based strategy for supporting strength and integrity of ligaments in the body. It may also play important roles in supporting sleep, immunity, and gut health.

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