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New “Season 3” of the Dr. Bubbs Performance Podcast!

New Book Coming Soon… Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That Is Revolutionizing Sport. (Release May 2019!)

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Nike "On The Run" with Dr. Bubbs

Nutrition Certification with Dr. Bubbs and DTS Fitness Education

Boswelia & Curcumin - Cool Inflammation & Support Joints

Struggling with joint pain or digestive problems?  Organika® Boswellia–Curcumin Complex with piperine is a four ingredient combination that helps to relieve the joint pain and cool inflammation

Phos. Serine For Stress Support

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a key nutrient required by the brain to offset high cortisol stress levels and maintain an optimal daily circadian hormone rhythm, a marker of good health and resiliency. PS should be taken after a workout or before bed.

Enhance Collagen For Gut, Immune & Joint Support

Collagen is loaded with key peptides that help maintaina strong gut lining, support immunity and rebuild strong joints. Fall is a great time to add collagen to your bone broth soup, coffee or tea for added support.

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