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AHS17 Dr. Bubbs' Talk on Ancestral Solutions for Modern Athletes

Nutrition Certification with Dr. Bubbs and DTS Fitness Education

Nike "On The Run" with Dr. Bubbs

Dr. Bubbs on Breakfast TV

Boswelia & Curcumin - Cool Inflammation & Support Joints

Struggling with joint pain or digestive problems?  Organika® Boswellia–Curcumin Complex with piperine is a four ingredient combination that helps to relieve the joint pain and cool inflammation

Phos. Serine For Stress Support

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a key nutrient required by the brain to offset high cortisol stress levels and maintain an optimal daily circadian hormone rhythm, a marker of good health and resiliency. PS should be taken after a workout or before bed.

Enhance Collagen For Gut, Immune & Joint Support

Collagen is loaded with key peptides that help maintaina strong gut lining, support immunity and rebuild strong joints. Fall is a great time to add collagen to your bone broth soup, coffee or tea for added support.

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